References or further reading

1. DoH letter to PCT chief execs, gateway ref 18276, 23/10/12  

2. MPIG (minimum practice income guarantee) & 7 year phase out


3. Carr-Hill Formula

the Carr-Hill allocation formula is used to adjust the global sum total for a number of local demographic and other factors which may affect Practice workload. for example, a Practice with a large number of elderly patients may have a higher workload than one which primarily cares for commuters.

factors included in the Carr-Hill formula :-

patient age and gender (used to reflect frequency of home and surgery visits)
additional needs: Standardised Mortality Ratio and Standardised Long-Standing Illness for patients under the age of 65 years
number of newly registered patients (generate 40% of work in 1st year)
costs of living in some area
(ie South East - ? higher staff costs) patient age/gender for nursing/residential consultations.

4. GP Contract 2014-5

5. Index of Multiple Deprivation

6. Quality and Outcomes Framework

7. GP Income falling  25 sept 2013 : GP income fell by 1.1% in 2011-12, continuing a gradual fall in GP incomes

8. NHS England review of PMS Funding    3 Feb 2014