Bristol GP Practice earnings 2013-14

Table 1 is a summary of the key findings for Bristol, extracted from recently published National Practice Earnings Data

link to HSCIC data

Other work on Bristol GP pay inequality is available on this website, see headers above

TABLE 1: Bristol GP Practice Earnings 2013-14

CodePractice NameContract TypeNumber of Registered Patients (Last Known Figure)Number of Weighted Patients (Last Known Figure)Average Payment per Registered PatientAverage Payment per Weighted PatientMPIG Correction Factor
L81107Nevil Road SPMS6,6135,093£17.47£22.68£0
L81663Sneyd Park PMS1,6551,781£142.86£132.76£0
L81656Hotwells SPMS2,6172,096£123.36£154.03£0
L81633Clifton Village PMS3,0622,198£119.49£166.45£0
L81622Helios MCPMS3,3682,940£128.66£147.40£0
L81648Maytrees PMS4,1944,110£117.21£119.61£0
L81006Whitchurch  HCPMS3,8753,862£126.32£126.74£0
L81120Birchwood GMS6,1965,871£102.78£108.46£0
L81092Easton FPPMS5,2235,323£123.01£120.71£0
L81669Monks Park S PMS4,7034,505£139.28£145.41£0
L81093St MartinsGMS5,7825,586£115.48£119.52£12,845
L81032Wedmore PMS6,9326,980£107.89£107.14£0
L81125Wells Road PMS6,7706,278£112.50£121.31£0
L81095The Crest Family PPMS5,9665,854£131.90£134.42£0
L81023Eastville MPPMS8,2237,873£110.34£115.24£0
L81083Hartwood PMS7,5507,535£133.47£133.73£0
L81099Ridingleaze PMS6,5136,878£138.97£131.59£0
L81077Sea Mills PMS6,4046,851£143.02£133.69£0
L81061Wellspring PMS8,0568,848£121.38£110.51£0
L81041Hillview FPPMS6,2576,106£158.43£162.34£0
L81007Southville GMS8,5338,193£111.86£116.50£0
L81094Merrywood PMS6,6466,638£155.75£155.94£0
L81057Gaywood H PMS7,5317,749£143.67£139.62£0
L81084Priory PMS8,4307,992£118.85£125.36£0
L81131Fallodon Way PMS8,3097,531£123.71£136.49£0
L81098Dr Hoffman & PartnersPMS6,6636,948£164.95£158.18£0
L81053The Lennard PMS7,7738,333£155.49£145.04£0
L81088Lodgeside PMS9,2918,852£136.80£143.58£0
L81081Pembroke RdPMS11,2719,101£111.34£137.90£0
Y02578Broadmead MCPMS6,1095,783£189.00£199.65£0
L81133Student Health GMS15,08010,175£73.60£109.08£172,568
L81009Stockwood MCGMS8,9538,913£141.34£141.98£10,809
L81062St George HCPMS10,4119,573£123.26£134.05£0
L81037Bradgate PMS9,4289,787£142.08£136.86£0
L81017Westbury-On-Trym PMS8,9998,697£146.03£151.09£0
L81008Shirehampton PMS10,78611,421£126.10£119.10£0
L81035The Malago PMS9,9159,960£134.14£133.54£0
L81112Bishopston MPPMS12,5459,739£101.32£130.50£0
L81054Grange Road PMS10,15910,060£143.34£144.75£0
L81075 Old School SGMS12,85211,437£109.96£123.57£0
L81067Southmead & Henbury PMS11,55712,222£135.11£127.76£0
L81089Lawrence Hill PMS9,70111,859£160.93£131.65£0
L81013Fishponds FPPMS12,82612,383£121.51£125.85£0
L81078Gloucester RdPMS12,74510,337£125.52£154.75£0
L81082Bedminster FPPMS11,73611,894£139.36£137.51£0
L81090The Family PracticePMS13,33411,130£129.29£154.89£0
L81038Air BalloonPMS13,45612,756£126.82£133.78£0
L81015Seymour MPPMS12,54513,206£145.87£138.57£0
L81031Armada FPPMS13,75213,526£135.07£137.33£0
L81022Horfield HCPMS14,61613,443£131.14£142.58£0
L81033Nightingale Valley PMS15,61214,566£128.35£137.57£0
L81091Whiteladies MGPMS19,13314,510£110.54£145.75£0
L81012Montpelier HCPMS18,22216,290£118.52£132.58£0

Key Points from Table 1

1)      Nevil Road merged with Bishopston, these are late payments

2)      Student Health has a very large MPIG of £172,568

3)      Broadmead is the only APMS practice, with a walk in service, appears very expensive but much longer hours of access are provided

4)      Leaving points 1-3 aside, there is still a wide variation in Practice pay, as shown in our previous work, from £107 - £166  per weighted patient

5)      The National average is £136 per registered patient, Bristol average is low at £127.19

6)      For registered patients, payments vary from £73.60 (Student Health, despite its MPIG) to £158.55).  Further analysis is needed as budgets include seniority, premises payments and prescribing payments. These probably need to be excluded form the total budgets as they vary in a non-systematic way between practices. See further analysis in table 2 below.

7) St Martins, ran into difficulties, and has been taken over by another practice.

Bristol CCG Practices, payments per patient 2013-14, excluding premises payments, seniority and prescribing budgets.

To make practices more comparable, I have deducted 3 payments from total practice budgets(£62.6m):

1.      Premises payments(£2.0m): These payments reflect the size and age of the premises. They are paid as either “cost-rent” or “notional rent”, and vary quite considerably dependent on the historical context of practice premises development.

2.      Seniority(£1.3m): Paid to experienced GPs, and usually passed on by the practice directly to those senior  GPs.  In the process of being phased out.

3.      Prescribing Budget(£2.4m) : payments related to drugs and vaccines dispensed by practices.  These payments will be much larger in dispensing practices(none in Bristol CCG however).

I then recalculated the payments per patient by practice using the adjusted numerator, in table 2 below.  Under these adjustments, average payments per registered patient falls from £127 per patient (National average £136 ppt) to £115.70ppt.

TABLE 2, Practice Earning per patient, Bristol 2013-14, premises payments, seniority and prescribing budgets excluded

PracticePMS or GMSList sizeWeighted list sizepay per ptpay per weighted patient
Nevil RdPMS6,6135,09316.621.6
Sneyd ParkPMS1,6551,781124.8115.9
Hotwells PMS2,6172,096109.5136.7
Clifton Village PPMS3,0622,198100.7140.3
Avonmouth MCPMS2,5412,575152.2150.2
Helios MCPMS3,3682,940112.8129.3
 Maytrees PMS4,1944,110110.4112.7
Whitchurch HCPMS3,8753,862116.0116.4
Birchwood MPGMS6,1965,87199.8105.3
Easton FPPMS5,2235,323120.7118.4
Monks ParkPMS4,7034,505119.6124.8
St Martins GMS5,7825,586104.6108.3
Wedmore PMS6,9326,980105.3104.6
Wells RdPMS6,7706,278104.3112.4
Crest FPPMS5,9665,854129.7132.2
Eastville MPPMS8,2237,873107.9112.6
Hartwood HPMS7,5507,535129.8130.0
Ridingleaze MCPMS6,5136,878122.2115.7
Sea Mills PMS6,4046,851123.6115.5
Wellspring PMS8,0568,848115.4105.1
Hillview FPPMS6,2576,106152.9156.7
Merrywood PMS6,6466,638143.5143.7
Gaywood HPMS7,5317,749129.1125.4
Priory PMS8,4307,992104.9110.7
Fallodon Way MCPMS8,3097,531107.8118.9
Hoffmann &PartnersPMS6,6636,948138.8133.1
Beechwood MPGMS10,78710,252106.6112.2
The Lennard PMS7,7738,333135.5126.4
Lodgeside PMS9,2918,852123.1129.2
Pembroke RdPMS11,2719,10198.8122.4
Broadmead MCPMS6,1095,783186.5197.0
Student Health GMS15,08010,17568.5101.5
Stockwood MCGMS8,9538,913116.7117.2
St George HCPMS10,4119,573106.9116.2
Bradgate PMS9,4289,787125.1120.5
Westbury-On-Trym PMS8,9998,697120.7124.8
Shirehampton GPPMS10,78611,421119.0112.4
 Malago PMS9,9159,960120.9120.3
Bishopston MPPMS12,5459,73991.2117.5
Grange RdPMS10,15910,060127.6128.8
The Old School SGMS12,85211,43794.9106.6
Southmead & Henbury FPPMS11,55712,222127.3120.4
Lawrence Hill HCPMS9,70111,859142.2116.3
Fishponds FPPMS12,82612,383116.8121.0
Gloucester Rd MCPMS12,74510,337111.0136.9
Bedminster FPPMS11,73611,894120.9119.3
The Family PracticePMS13,33411,130112.3134.6
Air BalloonPMS13,45612,756111.8117.9
Seymour MPPMS12,54513,206142.0134.8
 Armada FPPMS13,75213,526128.0130.1
Horfield HCPMS14,61613,443111.2120.9
Nightingale ValleyPMS15,61214,566121.8130.6
Whiteladies MGPMS19,13314,51098.6130.1
Montpelier HCPMS18,22216,290112.1125.4
  Total 492,206Average payment £127.19 

Comments on Table 2

Nevil Road has merged with Bishopston, these are late payments.   Broadmead APMS service the highest “earner”.  Leaving these 2 extreme practices aside, there still remains a wide variation in adjusted  earnings, ranging from £68.5(Student Health whose weighted listsize falls dramatically under the Carr-Hill formula) per weighted patient to £156.7 per weighted patient.  For a not untypical practice of 10,000 patients this could mean a £800,000 difference in possible budgets.  That sort of variation in budget would make a huge difference to the service provided, and to the GP partners profit share.   All the GMS practices are clustered at the lower end of the earnings scale.

Peter McCartney